AI Solutions


  • Autonomous Driving Configuration, sensor fusion, localization, deployment and driving test
  • Full autonomous driving software from physical layer to application
  • Deep-tech from its inherited academic knowledge


  • Succcessfull completition of 3 EU FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects focussing in extended GNSS, localization, vehicle-to-everything communication
    • EU FP6 Potential Excellence Research Center
    • EU FP7 GLOVE FP7 GLOVE (GaLileo Optimization and VANET Enhancement) research project was to develop and demonstrate such a local integrity solution that exploits the potential of Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) infrastructures.
    • EU H2020  InDrive project was to develop and demonstrate innovative close-to-market applications, which are heavily relying on accurate and high integrity satellite navigation. To achieve the full potential of advanced satellite positioning, an integrated solution starting from low-level signal processing to high-level data fusion was proposed to get a continuous probabilistic positioning of high integrity.
  • Completition of 10 research projects co funded by Tübitak-Teydeb in Turkey
  • Completion of 3 projects fully funded by industry toward R&D of automotive-grade on-board unit software products
    • Successful completion of the project titled ‘Development of Vehicle Model and Autonomous Driving Simulator Software Modules for the Development of Autonomous Driving Technologies’
    • Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything application use cases software on an automotive-grade unit
    • Delivery of L4-level automated road sweepery truck

Videos are our road driving applications: